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Model: DC-MFP-170WA Cooling Capcity: 5.4kw
Heating Capacity: 8.1kw Air Volume: 600CFM
ESP: 30Pa Testing Conditions: 27/19
Water Temp: 7/12 Motor: BLDC 0-10V Brushless Motor
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ductable fan coil unit


air conditioning fan coil unit

0-10V EC brushless motor Ceiling suspended fan coil unit , 30Pa ESP ceiling fan coil units 200CFM witwo way valve option



Model DC-MFP-102WA
Air flow-CMH 340
Air flow-CFM 200
Cooling capacity -W 1800
Heating capacty W 2700
Unit net dimentions 700x458x230
Power supply 220V,50Hz,1Ph or 115V,60Hz,1Ph
Piping 2 pipe/tube system
Air return type Rear return or bottom return optional.
Static pressure 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa optional.
Return box&filter Plenum box or filter is optional and convertable at site
Pipe direction Left or right optional and changable at site
Thickness 235mm
Motor type BLDC brushless EC motor panasonic brand or Yonan brand
Thermostat 3 speed, 0-10Vmodulating thermostat, or Modbus thermostat optional.
Valve Two way valve or three way valve optional.
Testing condition-Cooling Dry ball 27℃ wetball 19.5℃ 7℃ in 12℃ out
Testing condition-Cooling Dry ball 20℃ 50℃ in 40℃ out


Ceiling concealed rear retur to bottom return convert

Indoor 30Pa ESP Ceiling Fan Coil Units 200CFM 0-10V EC Brushless Motor 0


Ceiling concealed left pipe to right pipe convert

Indoor 30Pa ESP Ceiling Fan Coil Units 200CFM 0-10V EC Brushless Motor 1


MECO chilled water ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit:
Air volume=200CFM-1400CFM(340m³/h-2380m³/h)
cooling capacity:1.8Kw--12.6Kw(0.5RT--3.5RT)

2 pipes  3 rows coil & 4 pipes systems 3+1 rows coil in all range.
2-way and 3-way valve kits are optional for 2-pipe system and 4-pipe system.

Air return box is optional.
BMS system is optional
Water valve inside is optional.


Fan runs stably and quietly.
High efficency. Adopt good quality heat exchanger and fan , heat exchanging capacity and efficiency.
Symmetric-design allows it the change the outlet pipe in left or right side according to actual installation.

Designed to suit most ceiling concealed installations. Height less than 240mm.
Quiet and efficiency 3-speed centrifugal fan-motor makes its running in low noise and high efficient.
Our concealed fan coil units, widely used in theater , restaurant,office buildings, ect.


Static pressure: 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa optional

2 row coil, 3rows coil, 4 rows coil optional for two pipe system.

2+1 row coil or 2+2 rows coil for 4 pipe systems optiona.

With return box and filter optional

Left piping and right piping changable at site.

Air return direction rear or bottom changable at site.


MECO Ducted fan coil units

MECO Chilled water Ceiling duct fan coil unit, static pressure 12Pa, 30Pa or 50Pa,with metal housing propeller and high efficiency centrifugal fan, made the ducted fan coil unit has high efficiency. The ducted fan coil unit can be equipped with 3-speed thermostat which is easy to use. Only leaving air outlet, air inlet and service port, the unit is generally installed in the ceiling. Ideal for installation in hotels, apartments, and other multi-room buildings, WA-B series ducted fan coils combine heating and cooling performance with easy, low-cost installation. The WA units are designed for high performance, ducted applications, using furred-in, horizontal and vertical models, or exposed ceiling painted cabinet models. Custom colors allow the unit to blend with any interior design

Model DC-MFP-102WA specifications for horizontal concealed type ducted fan coil units:

1. Air flow 200CFM, 340CMH
2. Cooling capacity 5.4Kw Heating capacty 8.1Kw
3. Static pressure 30Pa, 12Pa and 50Pa is optional.
4. Two pipe/tube system 3 rows coil
5. BLDC brushless motor 0-10V multi fan speed 
6. Left pipe or right pipe is optional.
7. Thickness of the unit is 235mm only.
8. Air return direction from back or bottom optional.
9. Plenum and filter is optional
10. Thermostat or valve is optional.





Specifications for MECO Ducted fan coil units 2 pipe / 2 tube system,3Rows φ9.52 pipe:

Indoor 30Pa ESP Ceiling Fan Coil Units 200CFM 0-10V EC Brushless Motor 2


Specifications for MECO Ducted fan coil units 4 pipe / 4 tube system,3+1Rows φ9.52 pipe:


Indoor 30Pa ESP Ceiling Fan Coil Units 200CFM 0-10V EC Brushless Motor 3


Testing conditions for our ducted fan coil units:


1. Cooling condition: Indoor DB=27℃, WB=19℃, water supply 7℃, entering/leaving water temperature difference 5℃.

2. Heating condition: Indoor DB=20℃, water supply temp 60℃.
3. The water pipe connection direction can be changed before installing;
4. All models, sizes, dimensions, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to nameplates for the most accurate specifications.


Performance Features of WA seried ducted fan coil units:

  • capacities from 200 to 1400 cfm
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe system combinations
  • Economical, 3-speed fans deliver the right amount of conditioned air for comfort needs
  • Optional electronically commutated motors deliver peak operating efficiency
  • Sound-absorbing insulation is used to line the cabinet
  • Certified performance in accordance with CE Standard

Reliability Features WA seried ducted fan coil units:

  • Coils are factory leak tested at 3M Pa air pressure with coil submerged in water
  • Base units are CE certified for European standards

Maintenance Features for WA seried ducted fan coil units:

  • Cleanable or throwaway filters available
  • Removable panels make access to components and connections easy
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, coil information, electrical information, and tagging data
  • Condensate drain pans are available in stainless steel or heavy gage galvanized steel constructions, along with optional condensate overflow switches

Installation Features for WA seried ducted fan coil units:

  • Piping, drain, and wiring connections are readily accessible
  • Factory-installed controls optional
  • Single point electrical connection
  • Predrilled mounting holes and slots
  • Compact unit casing accommodates installation in reduced ceiling plenum space
  • Valve packages optional

Standard Warranty of WA seried ducted fan coil units:

  • One-year parts 1% of total FOB based goods value

Certifications for MECO floor standing fan coil units :

600CFM 2 pipe system, high wall fan coil unit , 5.4kw wall mounted fan coil units  1.5TR 1020m3/h600CFM 2 pipe system, high wall fan coil unit , 5.4kw wall mounted fan coil units  1.5TR 1020m3/h


Standard Warranty for MECO floor standing fan coil units:

18 months whole units warranty since delivery date.

supply 1% free parts with shipment.

fan motor P.C.B reciever Board sensor



fan motor capacitor remote controller  
installation kits fan   swing motor drain pipe panel filter  


Packing and shipping


Normally we use carton packing for our standed exported order water fan coil units.

The carton box printed with our MECO brand and unique color and pattern. OEM designed packing also available.

We also have strong packing as optional, depends on customers needs.

We have plywood box, pallets, or honeycomb box etc.

Our FOB port is NINGBO, China port.


Field-Installed optional Accessories for floor standing fan coil units water fan coil units:


· 2 & 3 way valves and with the actuators


· Wall Mounted Mechanical or Digital Thermostat

· Wall Mounted Digital Thermostat with Modbus function

· Wall Mounted Digital Thermostat with WIFI control function

MECO full range of chilled water hydronic water fan coil untis producing now.

For ceiling suspended fan coil unit water fan coil units, we have Four way ceiling suspended fan coil unit,Round flow eight way ceiling suspended fan coil unit and Single way ceiling suspended fan coil unit;

For vertical type fan coil units, we have ultra thin console fan coil unit, which is only 13cm thickness. And universal type floor and ceiling fan coil unit, one more type is decrative floor mounted or ceiling mounted fan coil units.

As per standard fan coil units, we have ultra thin horizontal ceiling concealed fan coil unit which is only 18cm thickness, with build in water pump, piping installation kits canbe factory fixed. And standard ceiling fan coil units, with 235mm thickness. All these two models are in 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa optional types. For high static pressure ducted fan coil units we have from 800CFM to 2400CFM, with 120-150Pa ESP.


Wall mounted fan coil unit or so called wall split fan coil unit, we have from 200CFM to 1000CFM. Biggest capacity is 2.5TR.

There are two options for the build water valve or without build in water valve.


Welcomes your coming inquiry of MECO chilled water hydronic Fan coil units!


Our fan coil units has exported to USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Austrilia, New Zealand, Indonisia, Philipine, Malaysia,Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, UK, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, ETC.




chilled water terminal units,cassette water fan coil units with build in water pump  2pipe system



Q:Can you make OEM brand orders with your water fan coil uits?

A: Yes of course. As a specialized manufacturer and exporter for water fan coil units product in China, we sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed corporation. Now we do OEM/ODM for a lot of famous brands in China and internationally, such as YORK, CIAC, KingAir, QingHuaTongFang,TCL,AUX,CHIGO,LS,etc.


Q: How long is your warranty after shipment of the water fan coil units?

A: We offer 18 months warranty for our water fan coil units products. We offer 1% free spare parts with goods shipped.

Short time reaction and professional technical support is our key attention.


Q: Our hotel want to choose the fan coil unit which have 4 pipe system, do you have this one?

A: Yes, Most of our water fan coil units products have 4 pipe system as optional.


Q: Do you have selection software for your FCU?

A: Not yet now. But we can select the units for you based on your given selection request.

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