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Radiator, Radiant Floor Heating Or Fan Coil Unit?

China Taizhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd certification
China Taizhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd certification
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Radiator, Radiant Floor Heating Or Fan Coil Unit?
Latest company news about Radiator, Radiant Floor Heating Or Fan Coil Unit?

The first problem with radiator or radiant floor heater is that the heating speed is slow, and it takes at least a few hours to ensure a comfortable environment. The heating pipeline needs to ensure enough heat before it can radiate heat to the air. The natural convection of air is used to realize the indoor temperature conduction. This time is very long, and it also takes several hours to ensure a comfortable environment. Not only the heating rate is slow, but also the cooling rate is slow. Thereinto, the comfort of the heater is slightly poor and occupies indoor space. However, the maintenance cost of radiant floor heater is very expensive. Once a failure occurs, it is necessary to open the whole floor for inspection, which is equivalent to destroying the decoration of the ground. Of course, it is not all useless. Heating patches and floor heating are relatively suitable for households where people live all the year round and need continuous heating.


Fan coil unit heating, first of all, is fast heating, suitable for families who work or go out most of the time every day. We only need to turn on air conditioning at home every day, 5-10 minutes can warm up, effective energy saving and emission reduction, and cost-effective.When in use, the water supply temperature is low, 40 ~ 60 C. It has various forms, flexible layout and beautiful appearance. It can cooperate well with indoor decoration without affecting the decoration effect. When the ceiling is installed, the use area can be saved, the air flow distribution is uniform, the temperature distribution is uniform, the feeling is comfortable, and the refrigeration and heating can share a set of systems. In the case of children at home, the safety of fan coil unit is very high, the heater is easy to burn children, and the installation position of fan coil unit is higher, which avoids the possibility of scalding.


For more info about MECO fan coil units, please read here:


▲ Our Product

The company’s main products are fan coil units (1-way, 4-way, surrounding air flowing water cassette, high wall mounted fan coil unit, high static pressure ducted fan coil unit, ceiling floor fan coil unit and universal fan coil unit etc.) Unitary system air conditioner (split cassette air conditioner, high/medium/low static pressure ducted air conditioner, ceiling floor unitary system air conditioner etc.) Fixed frequency multi connected air conditioner (ceiling concealed style; cassette style etc.) Our products can meet the various market demands.


MECO full range of chilled water hydronic water fan coil untis producing now.

For ceiling suspended fan coil unit water fan coil units, we have Four way ceiling suspended fan coil unit,Round flow eight way ceiling suspended fan coil unit and Single way ceiling suspended fan coil unit;

For vertical type fan coil units, we have ultra thin console fan coil unit, which is only 13cm thickness. And universal type floor and ceiling fan coil unit, one more type is decrative floor mounted or ceiling mounted fan coil units.

As per standard fan coil units, we have ultra thin horizontal ceiling concealed fan coil unit which is only 18cm thickness, with build in water pump, piping installation kits canbe factory fixed. And standard ceiling fan coil units, with 235mm thickness. All these two models are in 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa optional types. For high static pressure ducted fan coil units we have from 800CFM to 2400CFM, with 120-150Pa ESP.


Wall mounted fan coil unit or so called wall split fan coil unit, we have from 200CFM to 1000CFM. Biggest capacity is 2.5TR.

There are two options for the build water valve or without build in water valve.




▲ Product Application

As an end part product of central air conditioner system, our products can be used in office building, house, or some other large public place. Our products can meet different kinds of installation needs.


Our Certificate

July 2001, The company successfully introduced Kingdee K3-ERP logistics management system to ensure the smooth of the entire manufacturing system;

December 2001, The company obtained ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification, continuous improving and guarantee for quality.

May 2002, MECO started to produce cassette-type fan coil units and cassette type air conditioner.

November 2008, The company got the production permit of fan coil unit.

December 2009, MECO passed ISO9001:2008 quality certification

March 2011, MECO started to produce the new cassette products: 5th version cassette type fan coil unit.

April 2012, MECO has pioneered to produce cassette fan coil unit with DC motor.

June 2012, MECO launch new European style fan coil unit.

December 2014, MECO launch ultra-thin type fan coil unit.


▲ Production Market

MECO focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of light commercial air-conditioner and fan coil units. We do OEM for many famous central air conditioner enterprises in China and abroad. Nowadays, MECO has grown as a preferred of OEM manufacturer for cassette air conditioner sets. MECO brand gradually expand the scope of sales. With reliable quality and outstanding performance, MECO products are successfully sold to more than 30 countries and regions. MECO fan coil units has exported to USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Austrilia, New Zealand, Indonisia, Philipine, Malaysia,Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, UK, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, ETC.


▲ Our service

Our factory offer OEM and ODM for different kinds of fan coil unit, our engineer have rich experience to make special design fan coil unit for your request. 18 months guarantee, we offer free replaceable parts to make sure your fan coil working well.



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